Blowing Your Mind With Blogs

I’m a few days late coming to it, but this posting over at The Edge of the American West is most excellent. My favorite bit:

The Postrelian idea that we can choose between small gummint and big gummint is fanciful. That train has sailed. If you want to blame someone for having “extinguished classical liberalism as the general philosophy of American government” you should blame the Republican Party of the Civil War era. Or maybe Thomas Jefferson. Or maybe you should acknowledge that if you think classical liberalism was ever alight as the general philosophy of the American government, you’re a bit of a fantasist. You probably also think the free market owes you a pony.

Simultaneously insightful, historically-minded, and hilarious (I want my pony, dammit!). And the comments give me hope that intelligent and historically-informed discussion is not actually dead, but is relevant even now (dig how BitchPhd brings Elizabeth Edwards in). If only we weren’t all so busy blogging…

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