Choose My Seminar

I need help.  In many ways, of course, but specifically: I need help selecting a seminar to take this term.  Here are the choices:

1) Political theory/sociology/philosophy on the public sphere.  The alleged reading list: Aristotle, Arendt, Dewey, Foucault, Habermas, D. Harvey, A. Negri, more.  Yeah, I’m sure we’ll get to all that.

2) A poli-sci course on Kant’s Practical Philosophy. Additional readings from Arendt, Rawls, etc.

3) An econ course on world economic history since 1800.  Readings by Pomeranz, Alan M. Taylor, M. Edelstein, D. Rodrik, M. Obstfeld, and lots, lots, lots more.


2 thoughts on “Choose My Seminar

  1. It’s one of these cross-departmental things: sociology, poli-sci, anthropology. I’m leaning towards it, although I feel like I should take that econ course so that I can talk about that sort of stuff.

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