Things I’m Getting Pissy About

I’ve noticed that I’m getting increasingly pissy as the years go by.  Of course, this is more or less fine by me; I sometimes dream of being a grumpy old person sitting in a rocking chair on my porch, shooting the neighbor kids with a pellet gun.  But in the here and now, I’m just complaining and grumbling a lot (not nearly as fun as shooting neighbor kids, I imagine).  A couple things of late:

1) Long blog posts.  I’ve noticed this at DailyKos, especially, and some other places I like to frequent.   4,000 word-long blog posts?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Dude, I have a stack of books that reaches to the ceiling, and I’m expected to know them inside and out for my preliminary exams.  And even without that required reading, there’s a ton of other stuff by actually important people that I should be reading–you know, Eric Hobsbawm or E.H. Carr or Jane Jacobs.  4,000 word posts ain’t going to work for me–or many other people, I’d imagine.  Learn to write more efficiently, for shit’s sake.

2) Undergraduate employees in service jobs.  Was I really that stupid as an undergraduate?  They seem to be trained to not listen and give bullshit answers to questions that they don’t understand, then get all indignant about having to work a minimum-wage job.  Yeah, working sucks, which is why you’re in college and will hopefully get a better job once you’re out.  But for now, you’ve got dick for experience and training, and a bad attitude to boot.  Now get over it and get me my fucking hamburger.


4 thoughts on “Things I’m Getting Pissy About

  1. Well, you’re talking to the king of long blog posts here — granted most of mine don’t exceed 2,000 words (and when they do, they’re generally researched in the way I’d research a paper for class or a history article), but still. I like doing and reading the short ones too, but the long ones sure bring a lot of gravitas with them.

  2. You’re of course correct, Jeremy: sometimes the issue requires a lengthy post. I direct my ire at those arguments that could and should be made more efficiently. The way I figure it, if we’re trying to reach a broader audience, we have to remember how busy that audience is.

    And by the way: I’ve never thought of your posts as too long. Nor too short. They’re just right.

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