Labor Day Update

If I were in a more scholarly mood and had more time, I would write a post about the history of Labor Day, and how it was a scheme to get American workers away from participating in May Day, which is International Workers’ Day.  Instead, I’ll refer you to this excellent book: Red, White, and Blue Letter Days by Matthew Dennis.  You’ll also learn about Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday: all food and no presents.  “Teh awesome,” as the Interwebs say.

An update: I’m not taking my pre-lims at the end of this week, as had previously been the plan.  One of my committee members can’t be there, and, frankly, I could use some more time.  Because I’m hella (hey, the 90s were my formative years) busy now with a full-time adjunct instructor job.  It’s a sweet gig about which I’ll surely have more to say as the semester wears on.  For now, though, I need to write some lectures…

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