Music in head, book before eyes

A quick conundrum: why must something else always be going through my head whilst I read? Right now, I’ve got Ravel’s “Bolero” playing on my brain’s ghetto blaster while I’m reading one of McPherson’s Civil War epics. At least “Bolero” doesn’t have words…that’s what really gets me. Plus, it’s got a martial rhythm, so it fits the material.

Dun, dun-dun-dun, dun, dun….

4 thoughts on “Music in head, book before eyes

  1. Somewhere I read that Ravel disowned “Bolero” as his most regrettable composition. I guess he couldn’t get it out of his head either.

  2. True story: in the midst of the Bolero craze, a Hollywood production company actually purchased the rights to Bolero from Ravel for a substantial sum. At some point after that, the hapless agents realized they had bought film rights to a piece of music with no words and no program.

    Undaunted, Paramount Pictures went ahead and made it into a movie anyway — a movie that had nothing to do with the actual piece Bolero, except that Ravel’s magnum opus played during the main title sequence.

  3. Hee-hee…silly Hollywood. Need to make sure I avoid that film, lest I get both the piece and the images stuck in my head!

    And JY–thanks for continuing to check in. I’ll get something to PH one of these days!

  4. No prob — and take your time, no rush on your part.

    Another vignette about Bolero: At the premiere, Ravel hid in the shadows with a friend while a society matron rumbled past shouting, “The man who wrote that must be crazy!” Smiling, Ravel turned to his friend and said, “She understands.”

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