The Kids Are Alright

The student from my earlier post follows up:

Thank you very much Professor and I totally understand and believe I do
deserve the grade I recieve the grade I got, and do understand abou
ttreatign all your students equally. I am taking your next history corse
and have a mind set of shooting for a higher grade already. Thank you
again for everything!

Other than the poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling (maybe the student was on a Blackberry…), this made me feel pretty damn okay.  Of course, this means I’ll probably be faced with a similar situation with this student come the end of this term, but that’s weeks away, right?

“Could You Round My Grade?”

A New Year greeting from a student:

Hi professor,
I was wondering what I received on the final essay, and how close I was to
receiving a C+ in your class. I am .7 away from reaching my scholarship
and was wondering by any chance if you could round my grade or if I can do
any extra credit of some sort to raise my grade. If there is anything I
can do please let me know.

Not sure what to do with this.  First: the student’s not even close to a C+, sitting with a final grade of 74%, after having missed one quiz, bombed most of the rest, and done poorly on the final (a take-home essay, no less).  In short: the student earned a C, not a C+.  I’m inclined to tell the student that, and comfort myself in having upheld the standards that we value so dearly.

But.  (A) Do I really want this student to not get the scholarship?  and (B) As a “Visiting Full-Time Instructor” (read: temp), do I really give a shit?  Is it worth the time, energy, grief, and potentially bad press at the  non-research, student-oriented institution where I am now teaching and hope to get another gig next year?

Internets, I call on thee for wisdom!