“Could You Round My Grade?”

A New Year greeting from a student:

Hi professor,
I was wondering what I received on the final essay, and how close I was to
receiving a C+ in your class. I am .7 away from reaching my scholarship
and was wondering by any chance if you could round my grade or if I can do
any extra credit of some sort to raise my grade. If there is anything I
can do please let me know.

Not sure what to do with this.  First: the student’s not even close to a C+, sitting with a final grade of 74%, after having missed one quiz, bombed most of the rest, and done poorly on the final (a take-home essay, no less).  In short: the student earned a C, not a C+.  I’m inclined to tell the student that, and comfort myself in having upheld the standards that we value so dearly.

But.  (A) Do I really want this student to not get the scholarship?  and (B) As a “Visiting Full-Time Instructor” (read: temp), do I really give a shit?  Is it worth the time, energy, grief, and potentially bad press at the  non-research, student-oriented institution where I am now teaching and hope to get another gig next year?

Internets, I call on thee for wisdom!

7 thoughts on ““Could You Round My Grade?”

  1. For those who are interested, here’s what I ended up doing. Man, I feel miserable…

    Thank you for your e-mail. I’m afraid that I can not agree to your requests. I’ll do my best here to explain why.
    You earned a 19/25, a C, on the final essay. Your top six quiz scores amounted to 44.5/60, also a C. And you earned an 11.5/15, a C, for class participation. In sum, you earned 75 points out of 100 possible for the semester. Unfortunately, 75/100 is not close to a C+; it is a C, the grade you earned for this course.
    Unfortunately, I do not provide extra credit opportunities; instead, I dropped each student’s lowest two quiz scores before computing the average. It would not be fair to the other students if I were to offer you extra credit now, as it would devalue the work that all students put into the class during the semester.
    I know this is not the answer that you wanted to hear, and for that I am truly sorry. I do hope that you’ll find an extra credit opportunity or chance to round up your grade in another class.
    If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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  3. Heh. I got this one:

    “A b+ is like an 88 or 89, why didn’t i get an A, is participation not worth 1 or 2 points?”

    That was the whole e-mail. No subject, no intro, salutation, anything. The student had seen hir final grade on Blackboard and dashed off an e-mail. Ha.

  4. Classic stuff, AMc. One wonders how much of this is due to the instructor’s (perceived) age and experience–as an adjunct, do I get more “why don’t you just bump my grade” requests than others?

  5. Possibly. But I’ve been here for 7 years, and this was an intro history class. Most students either know or know of me. I think this is typical stuff at any level. And it’s probably true, upon reflection, that I get less of that than when I was new.

    Now, I don’t get that kind of thing often, that’s for sure. I do get some special pleading. But I’m pretty clear at the beginning of the semester about what constitutes an A, B, C, etc.

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