Learning to Nag

Okay, I’ve got to get this off of my chest.  At the end of a very nice conversation the other day, one of my advisers said, “Oh, by the way.  That recommendation letter that you asked me to write?  Yeah, I didn’t get that sent until two days after the deadline.  I included an apologetic note, and in my experience these things aren’t a problem.  But you really have to stay on be about this sort of thing.”

what the fuck.

I had sent this person three separate e-mails as reminders about the letter, including one five days before it was due.  The first e-mail contained not only my request, but also the due dates, in bold.  To which the professor responded, “Happy to write the letters.  Send me the due dates so I can put them in my calendar.”  Okay, maybe she missed that in the original e-mail, so I sent the info again.  And then once more, along with a draft of my proposal, which I assume she didn’t read.  And still that wasn’t enough.  Apparently I need to call her the day before the letter is due and the due date itself.

So I’m learning to be a nag, which comes with its own perils (“Jeeze, that student sure is a pain in my ass.”).  But, c’mon, get your shit together.  I know $7,000 may not be a lot when you’re making six figures, but that’s a lot of coin to me.

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