Article Ups, Money Downs

A bit of a roller coaster week here on the Bench, with a splash of good news and a dash of bad news.

The Good: Looks like I’ll be getting something printed in a relatively important academic journal.  I have to make a few minor changes, and it won’t go to press until May 2011, but it’s still Something Published.  I started work on this project back way back in 2006, so this is pretty gratifying.  The Adviser thinks this is kind of a big deal, so that’s nice.  And I needed win this week, because of…

The Bad: I have now officially been rejected by all of the fellowships for which I applied.  Every one of them.  As you’ll remember, I kind of expected this.  Applying for fellowships is like shooting craps, except you don’t get the joy of instant gratification and it takes way, way more of your time.  I gambled with about 100 hours of my life (20 hours/fellowship application, which is a low estimate) and I lost.  I’m sure that a lot of very qualified people applied for these fellowships–at least 400 applicants for one of them, I know–but there were only 150+ applicants for one particular fellowship that I thought I had a pretty good shot at.  That is a bummer.

In the long run, getting something published should more than make up for not getting these fellowships.  If the article helps me get one of those mythical Tenure-Track Jobs, then I’ve come out on top.  But that assumes that I finish my dissertation, for which I need time to research and write, and fellowship money would help give me that time.  Still, I’m feeling good, so I’ll ride that out for a while.

4 thoughts on “Article Ups, Money Downs

  1. Congratulations (& commiserations…)! If only you’d had the publication to wave in the faces of those fellowship committees, huh? There’s always next year, right?

    • True: there is always next year. And I will definitely be waving the article in their faces. Of course, they may just turn around and wave money in my face and then take it away. Jerks.

      Anyway: thanks.

  2. Great job on the article! I love the blog. Just went ABD myself last June and I understand exactly where you are coming from on all your comments. Money will come one day.

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