Reasons I Love This Gig #3: Weltmeisterschaft

World Cup Opener, Zotero, Coffee.  More wages of graduate school.

Thanks to my beloved $pou$e, we have high-def and DVR for the next month of the World Cup, so I’ll be able so sit on my arse and watch most of the games.  I’m making a token gesture at doing “research” during the games (hence my computer and Zotero).  But, like Tenured Radical* (oohh, how I’ve wanted to say those words!), much of my other work (including the blog) will have to work around the weltmesisterschaft schedule.  Unlike Tenured Radical (that one hurts me a little bit), I will, in fact, be cheering on the US squad.  It’d be nice if US victories translated into more interest in the MLS and more opportunities for Yanks like us to see good soccer in person without flying abroad.  And I should probably be ashamed of this, but there’s a bit of patriotism mixed in there, too.  To quote Team America: “America! Fuck Yeah!

*Speaking of whom, you should really be reading her blog.  Really.  Especially the linked post on the World Cup, in which TR gives the low-down on SA sexuality and history.  Awesome.

4 thoughts on “Reasons I Love This Gig #3: Weltmeisterschaft

    • MGB: Firefox, for me, is just another browser; you just have to get used to a slightly different interface. And it’s worth it for Zotero–an excellent tool. Highly recommended.

      Thanks for your comment!

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