I had ambitions of writing a substantive post today (it would have been a first!), but I woke up with a headache and a feeling of foreboding that I can’t shake.  This isn’t just bad for the blog and its eternally-suffering readers.  This portends disaster for the writing I need to do this week, with a chapter and article revisions due soon.  Yesterday was a barnburner; I wrote about five pages in two hours, which is out-of-this-world for me.  I was hoping to replicate the same success today, but I keep looking for something that will deliver quick gratification, like cleaning up the house, skimming websites, and, yes, writing this meaningless blog post.  But I must remind myself–and sure, you can take this as advice if you want to–that this is just a damn job, and I have to push through like any other job.  In proper jobs, having a bad day is simply tough shit.  Get to work, or get fired.  We grad students (particularly those with $pou$al support) have the unfortunate luxury of being able to whine about our headaches and how we just couldn’t get inspired to write.  Implied threats from our advisers, grad programs, and publishers are too easy to ignore from the comforts of your home office or library cubicle; our independence can be our undoing.  Perhaps I’ll install a webcam pointed at my desk and distribute the web address to my adviser and spouse so they can check in on me.  I’ll add a loudspeaker, too: “Hey, you!  Get back to work!”  This strikes me as a fantastic idea.  I shall spend the rest of the day planning for it.

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