First Day Jitters…Again

It’s always the same.  Today’s the first day of teaching a new class, and I’m feeling a wee bit anxious.  Part of this stems from the complete new-ness of the course; it’s not just that I designed a new course, but that I rethought the way that I teach material, in response to some poor student evaluations last semester and inspiration of a sort from What The Best College Teachers Do. I’m hoping that the re-think will help students get excited about the material and about the process of doing history, so I’m anxious to see how that works out.  But I’m also nervous because I’ll be meeting 15-20 new people and trying to impress them with my mastery of material, my abilities as a teacher, and my overall personality.  Were I cool, this wouldn’t be a problem.  I wouldn’t care what people think about me, and I would just do my thing, so confident that I wouldn’t even be aware of my confidence.  But I’m not cool.  I want the students to like the class, like the material, like me.  It’s pathetic, I’m sure, but I can’t seem to help myself.  So I’ve cleaned myself up real nice, ironed my clothes, and made sure to go over my notes at least a dozen times.  Deep breath, and….go.

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