Last week was a regular barnburner for writing here on the Bench.*  4,300 words in six days — not too shabby.  Is it good?  Hell no.  It’s bloated and hard to follow and not much fun to read.  I consider myself a perfectionist, but not for first drafts, apparently.  Get a rhythm going and whack away at big chunks of the marble; worry about chiseling David’s face after you know where his legs will be.  [insert your own strained metaphor here].  How to get that rhythm going?  Stay on task, it would seem; here’s how I spent my time last week:

  • WriteRoom: 9:28 hrs
  • Firefox (Zotero): 9:05 hrs
  • Word: 4:20 hrs

It turns out that when I keep my e-mail and web surfing shut down, I get more work done.  Go figure.

Here’s hoping for a another 4,000 word week.

*Nope, I don’t know where the phrase comes from, and yup, I’m pretty sure that I’ve used it incorrectly.

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