Chapter done. Ho-hum.

I sent off the third chapter of my dissertation yesterday, and I’m feeling pretty…bleh.  I’m glad to have another chapter out the door, and I think it’s pretty solid.  But I’m not sure what to expect from my committee — they politely instructed me to rewrite, rather than revise, the last chapter I sent in — and I’m wondering if the chapter’s thesis is really all that interesting.  This might be the cost of my emphasis on narrative; while the story might be good, the analysis probably needs work.  But I’ve been inside my own head for so long that I’m not sure where to take the analysis, specifically, what interpretations and arguments other readers might find interesting.  I need feedback, and I’m blessed to have a couple of committee members who are good about that.  But in the meantime I wait, and I’ll return to that rewrite-not-revise chapter tomorrow.  Today, though, I’m taking a break and catching up on domestic duties, like that pesky leaking sink drain…

3 thoughts on “Chapter done. Ho-hum.

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  2. I will be starting my doctoral studies this september, so I am really liking your blog. I subscribed, and will be checking in regularly,to see what tips I can get from you…I have gotten a lot already, just reading your posts. Thank a lot.

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