The Idealized Life of an Academic

I’ve decided to pursue the idealized life of an academic for the next week or so.  An imaginary construction, the Life of an Academic is a conglomeration of ideas about academia from people with real jobs, pre-graduate school students, and geezers in the Ivory Tower who fantasize about the good ‘ol days.  It looks something like this:

  • Get out of bed late, then fetch your coffee from either a friendly barista or an expensive espresso machine in the kitchen.
  • Spend an hour reading the New York Times, preferably in the confines of a mahogany-clad at-home office.
  • Muse for an hour or so, perhaps about your latest writing project, or nothing in particular.   The State of the World, maybe, which is surely in dire need of your wisdom and guidance.
  • Write for a bit.  On a typewriter, if at all possible, or at most on minimalist word processing software.
  • Afternoon: take a short lunch, then write some more for a little while, but spend a lot more time reading wonderful history books and the occasional journal, if necessary.  And when the brain is absolutely fried, finally get around to grading some papers.
  • Evening: read some more, and maybe draft up an op-ed on this-or-that.

We’ll see how much real work I get done over the course of the next seven days.  My guess: not much.

3 thoughts on “The Idealized Life of an Academic

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