Back to it.

Been a long while; much has happened, and I’m not sure where I left off: got the PhD, adjuncted and post-doc’d for a few years while Book One was published, left/rejected by the academy, now working in public history administration.  But the academic work/forced march moves on, and I’m in the midst of revising my old MA thesis into a book for an academic press.  I promised this book about ten years ago, and it’s time to deliver.  Turns out, though, that it’s tough to write when you’re fundraising, managing/being managed by a board of directors, taking care of personnel issues (read: firing people), and so forth.  But I’m called to the research and writing for both practical (career options) and metaphysical (pursuit of truth, life of the mind, etc.) reasons.  When I was dissertating, I found it useful to track my per-day-word-count, so I’ll start that again here:

Started with 3,964 words

Ended two-hour  writing session with 4,229 words

That’s 335 words, or about one paragraph.

Not bad for the first day getting back to it.