Word Count: 7,352

Not as awesome a day as yesterday, with just over 800 words produced today.  Things got off to a rough start; I had to frame in a wall for some remodeling that we’re doing, then run some teaching errands around town.  I didn’t get to writing until close to 2pm.  So that’s 800 words in three hours compared to 2,000 words in six hours.  I suppose it proves the need to get writing early while the brain is fresh and ready to go.

Also: I’ll be moving this segment to a column on the right, saving you, dear reader, from these monotonous reports.  Perhaps you’d also be interested in my bowel movements?  Oh, wait: I’ve already been doing that with these posts!  (cue cymbal crash…”Thanks, folks, I’ll be here for another year…”)

Word Count: 6,530

Not a bad day.  One painful word shy of 2,000 words written today.  That’s about 500 short of what I dreamed I could do, but I think it might be my max.  Good pace, though.  Beers in order.

Word Count: 4,531

In this new and soon-to-be-thrilling addition to the blog, I’ll be updating you on the word count of my dissertation.  It’s a way of marking progress or the lack thereof, I suppose.  Maybe I could get some sort of fancy meter-type widget thing.  Anything to keep the readers of this blog on the edges of their seats.