Making My Dream Students Cry

Last night, I dreamed that the first day of class was so mind-blowingly awesome that my students cried.  The tears started when I explained why non-majors should care about the course, about why history is so important.  It was awesome.  Now, if I can just remember what dream-me said.  Damn.

Dreaming of Worster

Last night I dreamt that I had been asked to write a response to Donald Worster.  To what I was to respond I can not remember; perhaps his excellent Dust Bowl (the culture of capitalism screwed it all up), or maybe his Rivers of Empire (“hydraulic society” built California and dooms us to a dry death).  In any case, my dream took me to Africa (?), where I guess I was doing research for the review, when I came upon a mustachioed engineer who kicked my dog.  And then I woke up.

Time to take these exams and get this crap out of my head.